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Vacation Rental Insurance

Many people who own vacant property choose to rent it out for extra income. People who have homes in vacation hot spots tend to rent their property out for short period of time. Some home insurance policies do not cover damage to their property when it used as a seasonal Vacation Rental. To protect your property, you should obtain Vacation Rental Insurance. With this coverage, you can ensure your property is covered if anything goes wrong.

Vacation Rental Insurance

SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized rep for some of the leading providers of Vacation Rental Insurance. We can help you find affordable Vacation Rental Insurance coverage around the country. Some of the perks of the policies we can find you include:

  • Vacation Rentals and Home Share Options
  • Coverage for Multi-Family Dwellings, Condos, and Townhouses
  • Two Acceptable Losses within a 36-Month Period
  • Coverage for Multiple Water Losses

With a Vacation Rental Insurance policy comes numerous coverage options that are specific to your needs. Some of the Vacation Rental Insurance coverage options to choose from include:

Comprehensive Property Coverage- Coverage for most physical losses

Named Peril Coverage- Cover perils specified in your policy including fire, theft, explosions, weather, and more

Liability Coverage- Covers you if your legally responsible for injury or property damage experienced by the renter

Vacation rental Insurance Quote

Actual Cash Value (Partial Loss)- Covers a partial loss of your property due to damage caused by one of the named perils on your policy

Agreed Loss Settlement (Total Loss)- If you experience a total loss due to one of the named perils, you’ll receive the full amount of your insurance minus the deductible

Replacement Cost- Receive a settlement that reflects the cost of new property used to replace your old property

If you own a Vacation Rental be sure to keep it covered. SkyBlue Insurance has an amazing system that can find you multiple rates on Vacation Rental Insurance so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Contact us now to request a free Vacation Rental Insurance quote and get instant results.